Our mission is to accurately and efficiently administer Chapter 13 cases by serving all parties of interest in the bankruptcy estate.
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Electronic Submission of Documents:


We are improving the way documents are submitted electronically to our office. The new portal is called 13documents.com. Nancy has contracted with this site to allow secure, more detailed handling of your case documents. For example, your documents will be encrypted from the time you send them over the web, which avoids unencrypted transport of sensitive information for your clients through regular email. It also creates a history record with a date/time stamp for each document you upload so you can return to the site to review what you have sent previously. There are many more detailed options to choose from to categorize your documents, rather than the 4 options you have had in the past.
For this specific office we are accepting the following documents:

Pension & Retirement Income
Contribution Income Letters
Rental Income
Child Support Income
Other Income – Worker’s Comp, Disability, Unemployment Retirement Account Statement Inheritance Information Non Bankruptcy Lawsuit Information

General Document Request
Trustee’s Questionnaire
Personal Bank Statements
Market Analysis or Appraisal
Proof of Property Ownership/Deed (Out of State RE Only) Federal Tax Return (one year at a time) State Tax Return (one year at a time) Separation Agreement or Divorce Decree

Mortgage Statement
Proof of Day Care Expense
Proof of Education Expenses
Proof of Other expenses – Cable, Insurance, Utilities Charitable Contributions Proof of Non-filing Spouse Expenses Retirement Loan Statement

Business Debtors
Business Report
Business Questionnaire
Business Bank Statements
Corp. Tax Returns (one year at a time)
Business Insurance Documents
Business License


All other document submissions made by email should be directed to the appropriate CASE ADMINISTATOR

See Contacts page.

Please include the case number, debtor’s name, and the hearing date in the subject line to ensure your documents are quickly placed in the file. (11-XXXXX Smith, Jane 5/17/2011)

Abbreviations Key:

Ch 7 = Ch 7 liquidation test

TX = Treatment

DI = Disposable Income

BPO = Broker’s Price Opinion

POC/c#  = proof of claim

DMI/CMI = DI per Form 22(c)

FMV = Fair Market Value

GF = gross funding

SE = self-employment

PP = plan payment

MFR/MRS – Motion for Relief from Stay

TR = tax returns

EMI/EMP = Equal Monthly Installments

MTA = Motion to Avoid

PCC = pre-confirmation certification

ACP = Applicable Commitment Period

MTV = Motion to Value/reduce interest rate